wray's dryer vent cleaning

There are around 16,000 clothes-dryer fires in the U.S. every year. These fires result in lives lost, millions of dollars in property damage and are completely avoidable with the help of companies like Wray’s Dryer Vent Cleaning.

“Uncleaned dryer vents are a huge fire hazard,” said owner Colin Wray. “When there’s a backup of lint in your vent, and your dryer continues to put out hot air, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.”

Founded in June 2021, Colin started Wray’s Dryer Vent Cleaning while he was a student at Stetson University. “I used to play football for Stetson,” said Colin, “but when our season got canceled in 2020 due of COVID, I decided to pursue my entrepreneurial desires, and Wray’s Dryer Vent Cleaning was born.”

Now a graduate of Stetson, Colin runs his business full time, cleaning dryer vents and educating customers on the importance of keeping them cleaned. “Not only are uncleaned dryer vents a fire hazard, but they can also cause your electric bill to go up, and cause damage to your dryer,” said Colin.

Wray’s Dryer Vent Cleaning recommends cleaning your dryer vent annually. “Dryers can last for 20 years if maintained properly,” said Colin. “Would you rather have an appliance guy come out when you’re having issues, not be able to use your dryer for a few days, maybe even weeks, and then pay then upward of $200-$300 every time you’re having an issue? Or, would you rather have an annual service that you can rely on, that comes out once a year to do preventive maintenance, and make sure your dryer is safe and efficient?”

Known for its customer service, Wray’s Dryer Vent Cleaning takes pride in the company’s responsiveness to customers. “Some companies will give a two-to four-hour window for when they will arrive,” said Colin. “We give a 30-minute window for our service. When we say 10:00-10:30, we mean that, and we always give a follow-up call a week after service to make sure everything is working as it should.”

In addition to its dryer vent services, Wray’s also does power washing, gutter cleaning and Christmas-light installations as well. 

Wray’s Dryer Vent Cleaning offers discounts and special pricing to veterans and first responders, and the company services all of Volusia and Seminole counties.

To learn more about Wray’s Dryer Vent Cleaning or to request a free estimate, call 386-287-1285 or visit wraysdvc.com.




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