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After inheriting his Orange City home following his mother’s passing, Michael Mewhorter was left with a big project. 

“I moved into the house, and it needed some work,” said Mewhorter. 

“The driveway was really dirty, so I got a pressure washer. It took me all day to clean the driveway,” he continued. “Going back and forth with the nozzle took forever. That’s when I thought there’s got to be a better way to do this, an easier way.”

After doing some research, Mewhorter found that better way — with soft washing. 

“Instead of blasting the bacteria away, only for it to come back in a couple of months, soft washing kills the bacteria; it kills the infestation 100 percent, sanitizing the surface we are cleaning,” said Mewhorter. 

Mewhorter realized that soft washing could not only benefit him but the community as a whole, so he decided to open up his own business, Magnum SoftWash. 

Started in May of 2019, Magnum SoftWash offers homes and businesses a better alternative to pressure washing. 

“Pressure washing uses high-volume water, which can damage or erode the surface that you’re trying to clean,” said Mewhorter. “If you’re trying to clean a delicate surface, like shingles on a roof or the screen of a patio, these surfaces would become ruined during the pressure-washing process.” 

In contrast, soft washing uses gentle, low-pressure technology and 100 percent biodegradable cleaning solutions to safely clean any exterior surface.

The SoftWash solution is environmentally friendly, uses just one-third of the water that pressure washing does, and is safe to use around pets and plants. Soft washing can be performed on a wide variety of surfaces where algae and bacteria grow, such as concrete, brick, tile, wood, vinyl siding, aluminum, and more. 

Magnum SoftWash can also remove rust. “A lot of homes have rust from irrigation systems,” said Mewhorter. “You see it on driveways, sidewalks and on the sides of homes. But we can take care of all of that.”

Magnum SoftWash offers discounts and special pricing to veterans and first responders; they also offer pro bono work for churches. Magnum SoftWash services Volusia County and the surrounding areas, and is open seven days a week. 

To learn more about Magnum SoftWash or to schedule a free estimate, visit or call 386-450-0917.




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