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Barring any sudden changes, the special assessments paid by owners of homes, businesses and land in Deltona are now in place for the 2022-23 fiscal year.

Most of the fees are holding steady, and one of them is actually going down sharply.

The City Commission has set the rates of the preliminary annual fees for stormwater control, solid-waste collection, and streetlight districts.

The charges will appear on the property-tax bills that will be mailed in early November. The special assessments and ad valorem taxes levied by Volusia County and the City of Deltona — as well as taxes levied by other authorities, such as the School Board and hospital districts — must be paid in full. No partial payments are allowed.

— Stormwater. The stormwater assessment will remain at its current level, $128 per standard single-family home or equivalent. Commercial properties pay varying amounts, depending upon the square footage of the buildings.

— Trash pickup. Owners of single-family homes will pay $202.80 for the pickup and disposal of garbage, trash and yard waste, the same as the rate now in effect. Deltona contracts with Waste Pro for once-weekly collection of household refuse and yard waste.

— Lighting districts. For those who live in neighborhoods where there is extra nighttime lighting, the charges for streetlight districts are set. Deltona has 38 streetlight districts, whose yearly assessments per residential lot range between $15.56 and $137.78.

Unlike the lighting-district fees, stormwater and trash-pickup fees are paid by all Deltona property owners.

— Weed control. Owners of homes or lots fronting on Lake McGarity will see their annual assessment for aquatic-weed control go down for the coming fiscal year. The new charge for ensuring water weeds do not choke the lake and make it difficult for boating will be $30 — down sharply from the rate of $134.15 now in effect.


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