Editor, The Beacon:

Do we want more of the same here in Volusia County, or do we want change? Do we want our County Council made up of individuals who tend to represent the interests of the developers, landowners, real estate investors, and government contractors who are seeking to profit on the backs of the taxpayers as they take away from our quality of life, harm the environment and create sprawl?

Should those of us who are already here be forced to pay for the impacts created by those who are coming behind us? Do we want Volusia County to one day look and feel like living in Orlando or Fort Lauderdale, or do we want to maintain the charm that we have come to love?

These are the questions we must ask ourselves as we vote this year.

It is time for us to take back our county from the establishment politicians who are heavily funded by those eastside developers, real estate investors and government contractors who do not have our best interest at heart.

This is why I am supporting the following candidates for the Volusia County Council:

— Doug Pettit for Volusia County Council at-large (all of Volusia County);

— Don Dempsey for Volusia County Council District 1 (Pierson to DeBary);

— Ted Noftall for Volusia County Council District 3 (Southeast Volusia and to DeLand);

— Ken Smith for Volusia County Council District 4 (Northeast Volusia and DeLand); and

— David Sosa for Volusia County Council District 5 (Deltona and DeBary).

These are the candidates who will be working for us and who are the least influenced by the developers, real estate investors and government contractors.

They are your grassroots candidates who will be most concerned with our quality of life, the environment, the amount of taxes we are forced to pay, and what we leave behind for our future generations.

Keith Chester



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