chris cloudman
DeLand mayor candidate Chris Cloudman will face off against Reggie Williams in a runoff in November

Editor, The Beacon:
I have been a resident of DeLand for 12 years; as a matter of fact, I was born here.
I am so very proud that my dad, Chris Cloudman, is running for mayor of my hometown! As far back as my memory can take me, I can’t think of a time that my dad was not serving this community.
I feel so blessed that my dad cares enough about this town to not only have served DeLand for the past 12 years as a public servant, but to continue doing so on such a large scale.
I have had the privilege to grow up watching my Dad support not only my Mom, sister and I, but this whole community.
From the arts and theater, environment and transportation issues and challenges, development of the surrounding areas, and the people of DeLand — my dad, Chris Cloudman, truly cares.
I really hope the citizens of DeLand take the time to truly get to know the candidates and what they have done for DeLand.
I have always been taught “actions speak louder than words” and I believe it is clear my dad’s actions make him the best candidate to serve DeLand.
Please vote for Chris Cloudman for mayor of DeLand on Nov. 8.
With Love and Kindness,
Isobel Cloudman
— Isobel is a seventh-grader at DeLand Middle School.


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