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PHOTO COURTESY NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA Gov. Ron DeSantis, flanked by First Lady Casey DeSantis, discusses Tropical Storm Ian on Thursday Sept. 39, 2022.

Editor, The Beacon:
Hypocrisy is robust and thriving in what passes as normal in Florida’s political culture.
Many of President Biden’s critics and opponents have been quite shameless in using the derogatory meme “Let’s go, Brandon,” giggling at its ugly reference like grade schoolers would giggle at some inane sexual joke.
Gov. DeSantis has joined in the guffaws and seemed to relish its use. However, as we all know well, insulting someone when they are not around is easy.
When President Biden visited Florida, DeSantis was face to face with “Brandon,” but he did not insult him. The governor greeted the president, shook his hand, and conversed in respectful terms.
The opportunity was there to repeat the meme. DeSantis restrained himself because he was afraid, he caved, he choked, he chickened out.
As former President Trump would say, “Sad!”
Bobby J. Brooks


  1. What’s sad is your intentions to insult our Governor who shines beyond any other Governor we have ever had. He didn’t cave he did what is right be respectful to the President because he has class. I’ve been through 5 other hurricanes and our power was off 7 days every time where this time was only 3 days because Governor DeSantis was prepared. I look forward to 4 more years of having him in the great state of Florida.


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