DeLand’s residential solid waste pick-up dates will be changing beginning Monday, Oct. 31, in an effort to increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

Residents recently received a letter along with their water bill regarding upcoming changes to residential waste pick-up schedules. Additionally, waste management company GFL will be modifying its yard waste pickup schedule from two to three days per week.

Corresponding maps highlighting the changes were sent along with the letter (attached to this news release).

Residents may also go to an interactive map that will tell them when their new pick-up dates will be by typing in their address or zooming in on their home and clicking on the corresponding green dot. The map can be viewed by going here: City of DeLand – Waste Pickup Information (

These changes do not affect unincorporated areas of DeLand.

Should residents have any questions concerning pick-up days, they should call GFL at 386-222-0693 or the City of DeLand at 386-626-7195.

Below are the latest maps of the city’s trash and waste pickup.


— DeLand Community Information Manager Chris Graham


  1. Okay Mr Chris Graham I just have to tell you that this article that you’ve put together is useless. The maps that you have included in this article are unable to be seen as far as street names it’s unreadable. Also the website that you link for the maps evidently hasn’t been updated because I put my address in and it’s still giving me my old pickup days which are not correct because I was supposed to have pick up today and I did not have pick up in the whole neighborhood. I wish you had done more recent search and taken more time to put this article together because then it actually would have been helpful. But the way it is it’s not helpful at all but thank you for trying!!

    • I agree. This article is no help at all. The interactive map does not work and when I put my address in it says it can’t be found.

  2. And the trash saga continues! Today is the “correct” day for my sub-division. A side loader with a team of two did show up (which got me all excited) – but they only emptied green bins. Many of us weren’t given one, so here we sit again… waiting & wondering…

  3. Was told today that small appliance pickup costs $8.24, must give debit or credit card, and cannot find rule change printed anywhere online or on my bill, asked GFL, they say City requested change. Asked City, they say GFL is in charge. I want info in writing. Correct information please?!

  4. Why was trash not picked up in Orangwood Mobile Home Park yesterday or today?? When will it be picked up? We have bears that get in the trash! Your report said Tuesday. It’s Wednesday night!!!!!!


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