Editor, The Beacon:

Honestly, we should thank Donald J. Trump. America would be advised to acknowledge the invaluable services that Mr. Trump has provided to our nation.

He has tirelessly exposed or invented bold and unique methods to undermine, threaten, damage, and almost destroy our beloved democracy. He demonstrates brilliantly how to drive hateful wedges everywhere he speaks, and to repeat endlessly the lies about a stolen election that he admitted were untrue on tape behind the scenes.

The Donald has dramatically attacked the U.S. Constitution, leveraged weaknesses in financial institutions, and intentionally lit real fires among the radical fringes.

He scoffed at and manipulated the country’s legal system, chopped away at the competent core of government agencies, and ridiculed large segments of our population.

Mr. Trump and his family have profited personally like no other administration in our history, one example being his son-in-law’s $2 billion contract with Saudi Arabia for unspecified “consulting services.”

The director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics described a “free for all” in the Trump administration before resigning.

All the while, Trump’s assembly of minions and yes-people kowtowed to his whims, covered for his failings, and supported his fabrications — and continue to do so today.

Let’s be the first to thank Mr. Trump for so clearly alerting honest citizens to the previously unused tactics, practices, and dirty opportunities to destroy justice, liberty, and ethics in our political structure.

If we can learn from his lessons, the price our country pays in the near term to patch the holes in our laws and processes will be compensated for in the future by a more careful, rational, fair, and better-functioning society.

Greg Heeter



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