Editor, The Beacon:

The civil rights of the transient [in a recent “Off the Beat” column] were violated. After the transient answered he was waiting for the bus, the officer had no right to ask him about money. It was an improper search and seizure.

He was being a bully and a coward, picking on a transient charging his phone. He should have just gone for his doughnut and left the guy alone.

This happens every day, in every part of the country, too often. The Stanford Experiment results make it clear: The dynamics of the psychology of power and authority can and do lead to abuse. They have movies about the experiment, and they should be required viewing for all police officers.

Frankly, I think it’s high time traffic monitoring fell under a completely different purview, managed with a completely different tone.

If police officers want to be armed to the teeth, they should be part of a different institution. We don’t need militia for traffic stops. It’s proved to be deadly for innocent people.

Robert Wilson



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