Betty Stallings-Huber is the Deltona Art Club’s featured Artist of the Month for February. Her painting titled Solitude in Giverny was inspired by satisfying her 50-year dream of visiting Paris and Giverny, the home of Claude Monet and his Water Lilies. Stallings-Huber’s painting is now hanging inside the doors of Deltona City Hall.

“When have I not dabbled in art?” she said.

Stallings-Huber’s first-grade teacher in Vero Beach told her class to open their brand-new boxes of crayons and break them in half. The teacher told them that now they were ready to become artists. Stallings-Huber has never forgotten “the freedom of breaking those crayons.”

Stallings-Huber’s high-school art teacher encouraged her students to become all they could possibly be and introduced them to many different mediums.

While Stallings-Huber has had no formal training, she gives credit to having access to amazing instructors on the internet. One of her favorites is Louise Fletcher, and she also appreciates Andrea Wedell’s gift for sharing color theory.

Upon retiring in 2016, Stallings-Huber joined the Deltona Art Club to continue her art journey through the monthly art challenges, doing things she has never done before, and meeting other artists in the club and the various mediums they use in their art.

Stallings-Huber is mostly an acrylic artist, but she loves working with cold wax and oils, and combining multi-mediums. She prefers to paint expressionistically, impressionistically, and semiabstractly and abstractly.

Stallings-Huber’s greatest cheerleader was her husband, who passed away in 2021. She knows that he would be pleased that she has continued with her art and companionship with the Deltona Art Club.


  1. Love it when I run across someone with my name…Betty Stallings
    I live in N California, am nearly 81 and now retired from training, speaking, writing for N America’s nonprofit community. Currently working in a volunteer capacity with Asante Africa after visiting the continent several times. My best to you!!!!😎


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