Editor, The Beacon:

I read the letter to the editor stating that a Black Power salute is racist. I’m an African American mother of two children, one male, one female. So I had to have the racism talk with my children.

I only say that to know if the letter-writer has ever had to have that conversation with his kids/family members? How would the letter-writer feel if the governor of Florida said the school couldn’t teach about the history of Caucasian people?

The governor stated that African American studies has no “educational value.” Does the letter-writer know how it feels to bury your brown child because the police shot him or her dead with their hands up? Does he know about the inequalities between Caucasian and African American when it comes to education, health care, wages, housing — the list could go on.

So when the letter-writer says the Black Power salute is racist, I ask where was he during the times Black Lives Matter had marches and demonstrations? It seems that he might be under the assumption that there is no more racism. Tell the letter-writer to live as a Black man for a year and then talk to me.

Aretha Nixon



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