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The DeLand-based Thunder City Derby Sirens brought home another victory Aug. 18, when they bested the Gainesville Swamp City Sirens with a score of 185 to 150.

The simplified rules of play show a team of five women in which four are blockers and one is the jammer. The team’s jammer has to break through the blockers of the opposing team. If the jammer clears the wall of women, that team scores a point. 

There are two 30-minute halves, which include a multitude of two-minute jams followed by a short break to shuffle the lineup on the marked oval course in the middle of the rink. 

The next home game will be Saturday, Sept. 15, when the DeLand team holds a doubleheader against the Jacksonville J’Villians. The Florida Junior Roller Derby Team will also play. 

The Sirens are a 501(c) nonprofit that started in 2010. In their mission statement, the Sirens write “… we focus on empowering each other through fitness, motivation and sisterhood.” 

The derby teams compete at The Rink, 1779 N. Spring Garden Ave. in DeLand. 

Tickets are free for kids age 12 and under with a paid adult. Adults can buy tickets for $5 in advance online or $8 at the door. The doors open to the public at 4:30 p.m. 

Visit www.derbysirens.com for more information or to purchase tickets.


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