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Volusia County residents should be wary of a letter in the mail mimicking the look of the federal census, according to county officials.

County spokeswoman Pat Kuehn said the Republican National Committee has mailed out so-called “2019 Congressional District Census” forms to local residents.

“The form mimics the look of the federal census form, but it has key differences,” she said. “For example, it asks if the responder will support Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election and if the Democrat Party ‘is promoting a Big-Government Socialist agenda for America.’ It also asks for a donation and credit card number.”

Kuehn said some local residents have reported that they believed these were the official U.S. Census Bureau questionnaires.

“Filling out the Republican form does not satisfy your requirement to complete the official 2020 Census questionnaire,” she said.

Actual U.S. Census Bureau forms for the 2020 census will go out in mid-March.

Residents are required to respond online, by phone or by mail by April 1.

The Census Bureau will never ask for a donation or credit card number, according to Volusia County’s Complete Count Co-Chairs Barbara Girtman and Billie Wheeler, Kuehn said.

Girtman and Wheeler are also members of the Volusia County Council.

For more information about the real 2020 census, visit www.2020census.gov.

— Anthony DeFeo


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