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Just in time for Halloween, that iconic Addams Family is opening at Shoestring Theatre in a production of The Addams Family, the Musical.

The writers — Rick Elice, Marshall Brickman and Andrew Lippa — bring back all the characters you loved in the TV series that aired 1964-66.

Return to share a continuing story in which Wednesday, all grown up, falls in love.

The show, directed by Anne Sollien, with music directed by Melissa Cargile, presents an amazing cast. Gomez (played by David Santiago) finds himself caught between his adored wife, Morticia (Bernadette Siudock), and his darling daughter, Wednesday (Karina Pomales), when his daughter shares a secret but forbids him to tell his wife!

Wednesday wants to introduce her family to her boyfriend, Lucas (Josh Freeman), and his family, Mal (David Freeman) and Alice (Tiffany Demps) Beineke. However, she fears the reaction of both her eccentric family and the “normal” Beineke family.

Wednesday chooses not to tell Morticia she is already engaged to Lucas, and forbids Gomez to share that secret with his wife. Poor Gomez sings of his dilemma in “Trapped,” only one of the delightful musical numbers.

The rest of the Addams clan comes to life through the explosive loving brother, Pugsley (Nelson Rodriguez), moonstruck Uncle Fester (Steve Gelovich), the witchy Grandmama (Rockie Kobrin), and, of course, the silent towering presence of Lurch (Mike Davis).

Uncle Fester traps the Addams family ancestors in the living realm. The seven ancestors, from various generations and inclinations, play an integral part in this story, as Fester enlists their aid to help Wednesday and Lucas’ romance flourish.

Manifesting the ancestors, the cast includes Courtesan (Andrea O’Reilly), Conquistador (Bob Sollien), Bride (Kayla Gelovich), Homicidal Groom (Brian Casey), Native American (Natalie Grooms), Flapper (Marielle Grant) and Caveman (Mark Leavitt).

This extremely demanding and creative show calls for the construction of a rocket backpack, theatrical crossbow, reversible sets, wrought-iron fences, many faux paint jobs, and ghostly costumes. Thank goodness for an extremely talented and giving group of crafters, painters and seamstresses. The audience won’t believe what they have created!

This great Halloween entertainment is full of nostalgia and clever dialogue, and the delightful music runs the gamut from clever and catchy to hilarious and touching. The talented cast has prepared a masterful production.

Grab your family, get your fingers ready to snap, and head to Shoestring Theatre in Lake Helen to celebrate Halloween with The Addams Family.

Shoestring Theatre is at 380 S. Goodwin St. in Lake Helen.

The show opens at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 18, and continues at that time Saturday, Oct. 19, Friday, Oct. 25, Saturday, Oct. 26, Friday, Nov. 1, and Saturday, Nov. 2, and at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 20, Sunday, Oct. 27, and Sunday, Nov. 3.

Tickets cost $22 for adults, $20 for senior citizens, and $15 for students. Group rates are available for groups of 12 people or more.

To purchase tickets, go online to the “Buy Tickets” page at www.shoestringtheatre.net or call the box office at 386-228-3777 and leave a message. For student prices and group rates, please call the box office.


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