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Editor, The Beacon:

Social justice and the greater good are both best-served with individual freedom and liberty in free markets. These basic freedoms have always been destroyed by socialism.

History shows that socialism results in tyranny and poverty for the masses, plus political leadership ruling with an iron fist. Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea are a few examples that have demonstrated that socialism fails the people.

Many claim that in recent years socialism has become popular in the USA. But socialism got a big boost in the USA with the passage of the 16th Amendment in 1913, that enabled “direct taxation” previously prevented by the U.S. Constitution.

The 16th Amendment and subsequent political actions established income tax, payroll taxes, tax withholding and the IRS. Government and politicians gained huge taxing power, and we lost civil rights, freedom and liberty. We are all now financial slaves to our government.

Independence Day is all about individual freedom and liberty. We can regain our financial freedom by repealing the 16th Amendment, which can be accomplished by supporting the FAIRtax Act in Congress, HR-25. Educate yourself at FAIRtax.org. Thereafter, tell your elected government representatives to support the FAIRtax Act and get rid of income taxes on productivity in favor of a national consumption tax.

Rudy Treml




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