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Editor, The Beacon:

Deb Denys has a long record as a champion in service to all of Volusia County, and has particularly focused on things like child advocacy, water-quality issues and protecting the environment, long before they became popular to talk about. Her volunteer record is also stellar and reveals her concern for the environment and the people of this county.

As residents of DeLeon Springs, we have watched the decay that comes from lack of modern business investment and infrastructure. And we have been concerned about protections for our drinking-water supply, our waterways and particularly our spring.

However, we have had the privilege of watching Deb Denys in action, working for protection and progress on all these fronts.

As members of the DeLeon Springs Community Association Inc., we were impressed when Deb Denys took time to come to a meeting and share her knowledge on these issues, focusing on the positive solutions and her experience in implementing them. We were amazed at the interest she took in our community and the way she took time to actually listen to what our concerns were, although we are not even in the district she serves.

When the FDEP offered a $2.5 million grant to provide water and wastewater lines to protect this community’s water quality and business community, Deb Denys was quick to get behind this project and help get it passed before the County Council, so DeLeon Springs can thrive while protecting our delicate spring basin.

Deb Denys grasps the reality that as a county, we cannot stand still, and we can’t go back, since more people are moving here every day to enjoy what “we” love about Volusia County.

Deb understands there must be intelligent planning that allows for economic prosperity through responsible growth, while protecting the fragile natural environments that brought so many of us here.

As a steward of this county, Deb Denys’ vision is bigger than herself, and she focuses on what works now, while keeping future generations in mind.

Volusia County is so unique, and we need an experienced leader who understands that and knows how to protect it.

From the excitement of the racing world, to the growth of the aerospace and tourism industries, to protecting beaches, pristine back creeks and delicate springs, Deb Denys has the knowledge and experience to lead us into the future.

We are voting for Deb Denys for County Council chair because Deb has the experience and foresight necessary to responsibly lead Volusia County into the decades ahead.

Lee and Amy Munizzi

DeLeon Springs


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