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The West Volusia Hospital Authority is moving ahead with plans to open a new Employee Benefit Management Services miCare clinic in Deltona.

In October, EBMS opened its first Volusia County clinic for holders of the Hospital Authority health card in DeLand. The WVHA health-card program is designed to serve as a stopgap between Medicaid and more expensive, and often unaffordable, health care plans.

EBMS Chief Operating Officer Darik Croft told the WVHA Board that the rollout of the DeLand clinic, which serves as a primary-care office for eligible West Volusians, has been successful.

With the DeLand clinic’s success, the next step of the miCare master plan — a clinic in Deltona for southwest Volusia — will proceed.

The new clinic, located at 840 Deltona Blvd., will open Dec. 8.

If all goes according to plan, the next step is a miCare clinic in Pierson, which will provide care to West Volusia residents in the far-flung north of the Hospital Authority’s jurisdiction.


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