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Looking to free up some closet space and benefit a good cause at the same time? The Beacon Center is looking for dress donations for the Valentine’s Day “Fix Her Crown” gala. 

The Beacon Center is a victim’s advocacy organization based in Daytona Beach that helps victims of domestic abuse across Volusia County with resources including support and shelter. For Valentine’s Day, the center is hosting its second annual gala for residents of the emergency shelter. 

Beacon Center CEO Angie Pye said while the event will be for in-house residents only, members of the community can play their part by donating dresses, snacks for children, and money. The deadline for dress donations is Feb. 5.

Last year’s gala was very successful, Pye said, and she hopes this year’s event will be, too.

“The theme is to encourage them to love and care about themselves and each other, to ‘fix her crown’ without telling the whole world it’s crooked,” she said. “They get all decked out in their dresses and do their hair and makeup. It’s a very empowering night for women that have been through a lot of trauma.”

Pye said the center is also looking for makeup artists and hair stylists who may be interested in helping with the event. 

The gala, which will take place Friday, Feb. 12, will feature a motivational speaker as well as a disc jockey, catered food, and child care so shelter residents can focus on enjoying the festivities. 

“We do it at Valentine’s Day because it’s a tough holiday for survivors. It can be a challenging time of year,” Pye said. “It is so important for them to have that time to relax and have an outlet to talk and spend time with other women who have had similar experiences. That can be very healing.”

Anyone interested in donating or helping can contact the Beacon Center by phone at 386-257-2297 for more information. Cash donations can be made online at https://www.mybeaconcenter.com.


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