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Editor, The Beacon:

It is a testament to the greatness of America, and the strength and durability of its institutions, that a presidency born of the hateful racist reaction to the election of an African American president, and epitomized by the white-supremacist, birtherism core of its governance, is replaced by the inauguration of the first African Asian American woman as vice president. It was not guaranteed that our institutions would survive, but they have.

President Joe Biden comes in with an overriding message of restoring unity. But, it is a realistic message that includes facing down the scourge of white supremacists who staged our recent insurrection, and a return to a normalcy in which facts and truth outweigh misinformation and fake news.

Republicans in Congress, who for five years sowed division and misinformation in support of a president who knew no other path, now claim proceeding with the impeachment of our now ex-president will be divisive.

They are as wrong as they have been for the entirety of this dark period in American history. There can be no unity until there is a recognition of truth, and an accountability for those who stood against it.

All in the Congress who propagated the big lie of voter fraud, which incited the rebellion, must be held to account, whether that amounts to censure or removal. Any found to have had a role in the actual events of the insurrection must face criminal prosecution.

The formation of a nonpartisan commission to investigate, similar in form and mandate to the 9/11 Commission, the excesses and violations of the past four years is called for.

Taking that investigation out of the hands of Congress and the Justice Department can, hopefully, raise it above partisan gamesmanship.

For there to be true unity in this country going forward, there must be a return to transparency in the executive branch, as well as a return to the concept that no man is above the law.

I believe President Biden will take us there.

Russ White

Orange City


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