Editor, The Beacon:

Can’t believe the reports of huge convoys descending on Kyiv from all directions. Where are the A-10 Warthogs when you need them? (They are attack aircraft developed for the U.S. Air Force.)

In fact, we need to go back into production of them or a cost-effective replacement. Low-tech but incredibly effective.

In this case, we could give the weapons to the Ukrainians, but can’t attack the convoys directly with our drones or missile strikes, as that might goad Russian President Vladimir Putin into the few reactions he has left.

Sadly, Putin is more dangerous right now than at any time in the past. He’s clearly nuts or would not have ordered the invasion.

And he positively gloats about having ultra-fast hyper-speed nuclear missiles that probably can’t be stopped with our current anti-missile systems. We will catch up, but will it be in time?

My guess is that the Russians have already discussed and possibly even planned for a pre-emptive comprehensive nuclear strike while they have the advantage. The only thing really giving them pause would be our nuclear-submarine deterrent, which hopefully they cannot yet detect and reach.

Guess we still owe something to the mutually assured destruction (MAD) Cold War argument that says we all die if it goes into full nuclear war. But that only works if everyone is sane, and nutso Putin now has his back to the wall with his blunder of an invasion. Would he destroy the world if he can’t have his way? Stay tuned.

Dan Friend



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