Editor, The Beacon:

In response to a recent letter to the editor: Latest estimates indicate that as many as 1,000 deaths will result from Hurricane Ian, and the economic toll will top $40 billion. Yet Bobby J. Brooks wrote to The Beacon that Gov. Ron DeSantis missed out on an opportunity to call President Biden “Brandon” to his face, when the latter came to offer Florida federal aid for the hundreds of thousands suffering in the aftermath, even after the former voted against post-storm aid for other states in his previous office in the U.S. House, despite how hypocritical his request for aid appeared.

Even DeSantis put aside his petty political maneuvering in order to secure help that Floridians actually need, instead of making a childish schoolyard jab at the hand that feeds him.

Hypocritical? Yes. Pragmatic? Yes, also; but I thank him for knowing when to wear his big-boy pants.

Carol Lopez-Bethel



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