Dear Florida First Lady,

I saw your commercial supporting your husband. Well, let me tell you a little story.

My grandmother had four live births. At 44 years old, she began to bleed to death. Rushed to the hospital, the doctor asked her if she had an abortion. She had not.

He said, “We’ll see if the rabbit dies.” He let her bleed for days.

When the test finally came back negative, only then was she rushed to the OR for an emergency hysterectomy. She had a prolapsed uterus. She would have died without surgery. But this was before Roe. That doctor would have let her die if she had had an abortion!

I would have grown up without that wonderful woman in my life.

Abortion bans are not pro-life. Women’s lives are in danger. Pregnancy is more dangerous that an abortion. That is the truth.

How would you feel if the police investigated your miscarriage to see if it was really an abortion? If your miscarriage did not complete itself, doctors would give you medication to complete the miscarriage.

Do you know what that is medically called? An abortion.

I would not have written this letter to you had you not placed yourself in a political commercial. You should know the truth. Your husband doesn’t care about the life of women. You and your daughter are wealthy enough to go to another state if you need services. But poor women will not have that luxury.

Even Ireland now has better health provisions for women than the state of Florida. That’s because a woman died from sepsis because the hospital refused to do an abortion on a partial miscarriage. She died.

Just thought you should hear from a Florida woman.

In Peace,

Suzanne Southard



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